• Saturday, December 6, 2014

      Samsung Galaxy young S6310 review

      Samsung may have their hands locked with their flagship phones luckily, the entry level market didn't stray far from their reach. The galaxy young is Samsung's most successful budget phone released in 2011, the galaxy young now welcomes its second iteration.

      The S6310 is the galaxy young's second iteration improvements in aesthetics are easily noticeable, samsung has bumped up the hardware as well and now runs android 4.1 jellybean, at first glance it slightly resembles the S3 mini, the smooth and curvy edges are more prominent than its older sibling making sure that users will have a grip friendly experience. The new and improved touch wiz ui and the 1ghz processor all together make it a different phone, as a result, even previous 1st gen owners will not think twice to consider owning one again.

      Screen resolution has improved a bit and now measures at 3.2 inches, sadly IPS is not present here so dont be surprised if you find yourself bothered with its limited viewing angles and low resolution screen, It's acceptable though, considering it's a budget friendly device, however the excellent touch sensitivity may make you forgive and forget those pixilated moments.

      Samsung has ushered in an improved touch wiz UI which by far is one of their best iterations yet, no more toy like look, out of it you'll get more live widgets and one thing that I'm particularly fond of, is the music player widget wherein you can play and scroll through your music files straight thru it without having the need to launch the app, on top of that, you now have up to 7 homescreens at your disposal, making it easier for you to assign more widgets, it turned out that all this improvements has just made the galaxy young a little less boring while still retaining its cheap stature.

      Hardware specifications remain at a low profile, the 1Ghz processor is inconsistent at times, just keeping up with the UI is a daily struggle for its single core processor, fortunately I still find it acceptable, considering the fact that it does excell in some of its features, one with the highest regard is social networking and web browsing using the stock browser, of course there will be some trade offs but the perks one could get for paying a good deal of money still make this phone a worth while investment.

      I was amazed to see that Dead Space is playable on the galaxy young S6310, you won't hear me say it's lag free though.

      You have probably lost your marbles if you're expecting a good camera on this one, Samsung may be leading the way in cellphone camera technology but on this phone they've decided not to impress us with it, instead a simple working one would do the job, nevertheless, a 3MP camera on a budget phone is always welcome regardless of its performance.

      The 1200mah battery won't put this phone on the endurance track especially if you're a multi media freak, not to mention it's a 3G phone and supports GPS, so you better keep those features at bay when not in use or better yet always have your powerbank with you, a full day of moderate use is easily achievable, though.

      PROS: affordable, good built quality, acceptable performance

      CONS: slight lags, low resolution screen, poor camera


      Network: 3g/GSM

      Display: 3.27 inch, TFT capacitive touch 320x480 resolution, 176ppi

      Memory: 512mb ram, 4gb ROM, expandable micro sd 32gb

      OS: Android OS, v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)

      Chipset Qualcomm: MSM7227A Snapdragon

      CPU:1 GHz Cortex-A5

      GPU: Adreno 200

      Camera:3mp rear

      Others: proximity sensor, gyro, bluetooth, GPS, wifi b/g/n

      Battery: 1200mah


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