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      Tuesday, October 4, 2011

      God of War "The Ghost of Sparta" PSP

      God Of War “The Ghost of Sparta” is one of the most anticipated game on the PSP, it is also one of the most expensive game ever produce on a handheld, that's probably the reason why the price also comes with a kick, but you’ll find it worth buying, after all; good games always come with a price.

      Based on my experience as a PSP gamer God of War Ghost of Sparta is one of the best looking game on the PSP, graphics and gameplay is so intense you’ll forget you’re playing on a handheld. The Ghost of Sparta is one of the prequels of the God Of War series, the storyline came after God of War 1 when Kratos defeated Ares and right before God of War 2 when Kratos rages his anger to the gods, it happened in between God of War 1 and 2, the story focuses more on Kratos rise to power, clearly a transition to God of War 2. Ghost of Sparta also comes with Kratos’s new moves and abilities, one of my favorite is the takedown, then followed by a ground and pound (ala UFC style) been using it since the start of the game till the end, though, some enemies are immune to that move, so it’s important to learn some melee combo in order to survive in the game, specially when played on hard mode.

      God of War Ghost of Sparta reveals some of kratos’s secrets that most God of War fans didn’t know about, one of which is the coming out of Kratos brother. This prequel lets you see how the brothers got separated by the gods, and the plot behind the abduction will piece by piece be revealed as you progress in the game, surprisingly; Kratos mother played a part in this game too and it is one of Kratos quests to free his mother from eternal suffering inflicted by the gods. A lot of secrets will be revealed in this game that will shock all God of War fans, making this prequel the missing link of the God of War series. Its two thumbs up for this game. God of War “The Ghost of Sparta” was released Q4 2010, and it’s now available for download and UMDs.

      Thursday, August 25, 2011

      Dead Space Ipod Touch

      Dead Space for Apple handhelds is a game developed by EA exclusively for the Apple platform, the storyline is unique for this device, it's a survival horror game in a third person view, and it's by far the best looking game i played on my ipod touch. The story took place in some kind of space odyssey wherein you take the role of Isaac Clarke codename Vandal a space miner who is also a member of a religious cult. Game begins by following orders from some high ranking religious cult member until you found out that you've been used. I won't tell the whole story or give details on how the game ends, coz, I don't want to ruin the elements of surprise; and with respect, to gamers who's not done with it yet; but the thing that bothers me in this game was; upgrading your weapons and armor is a bit complicated, you just have to give extra effort in reading all the in-game texts in order to fully understand it, but at least it rewards you with awesome graphics and superb gameplay. I put a couple of screenshot on this blog to give gamers an idea on how the game looks like. For those who haven't got the game yet you can download it at http://apptrackr.org/ mind you applications and games on this site will only work on jailbroken apple devices. Dead Space is compatible only to iOS 3.0 or higher.

      The GOOD: Graphics and scare factor will blow you away, music and sound effects are truly impressive plus you'll get an extra bonus of gaining wallpapers as you progress in the game.

      The BAD: It runs sluggish on ipod touch 1st and 2nd gen when dealing with multiple enemies, I haven't tried it on a 3rd gen, but works perfectly well on the 4th gen ipod touch.

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