• Monday, May 20, 2013

      NBA 2k13 on Cherry Mobile Fusion Ice and Fusion Bolt (how to install for free)

      NBA 2K game is the most popular sporting game on the planet, an ever present entity on every gamer’s wish list, that of course includes tablet gamers, NBA 2K13 in particular is the latest in the NBA 2K franchise and the demands for it is ever growing resulting into a never ending questions of device compatibility.

      One popular question in the local tablet gaming community lingers on top, transferring from one mouth to another and is in need of some serious answering --- Will NBA 2K13 work on cheap tablets like the cherry mobile fusion ice and fusion bolt? The answer is YES it will work on both device --- in this article I’ll be more than happy to share with you bits of information on where to download and how to install NBA 2K13 on both the fusion ice and fusion bolt for free.

      I’ll be using a cracked version of NBA 2K13 “pirated” is a more universal term ---sshh! Don’t tell my mom! Surprised that’s why it’s free. Some cracked games will not work on a particular android device unless it has been rooted, that includes the cracked version of NBA 2k13, lucky for you, I won’t go on elaborating the complex world of android rooting, saves us both from the messy part of nose bleeding. The magic comes from the fusion ice and fusion bolt itself; both are stock rooted meaning they’ve been rooted since day 1, though I’m still not sure whose part had played a role in the stock rooting process. Ainol is the original manufacturer of both devices, it could be possible that they’ve deliberately released a stock rooted tablet, but then, I doubt it --- it’s most likely that cherry mobile is responsible for such act, or a blessing of sort.

      All cherry mobile devices are re-branded products coming from a wide array of OEMs, like Konka and Ainol. CM had then created a habit of tweaking their entire product line to give it a convincing cherry mobile looks and feel, most evidently, on their android devices. Some software alterations on an android device may require root access in order to perform such tweaks, i.e. start up animation, UI tweaks, tethering, embedded built in app, and USB 3G dongle brand compatibility. All of these modifications are prominent in most cherry mobile android devices spearheaded by their tablet line, so I’m pretty sure that the stock rooting stuff was done in the part of cherry mobile itself. ----- without further a do let's get down to business.........

      --------- DOWNLOAD PROCEDURES --------

      Download the NBA 2k13 apk + data file, the download link is provided in my DOWNLOADS AND EXTRAS, click the link to redirect you to the download site, (refer to the image below).

      First download the apk file, just click the "free download" icon (refer to the image below) the file is approximately 49600kb

      Now it's time to download the data file, scroll down to the lower part of the web page until you see the highlighted "click here to download the data packet" (refer to the image below) click it to download the data file (rar), file size is approximately 827 mb, it may take some time to download so be patient ---- after a successful download, extract the rar file using winrar or any extracting tool you have on your PC after extracting, folder android will appear, open it until you get the folder "com.t2ksports.nba2k13android.

      -------- INSTALLATION PROCEDURE ---------

      * Copy the apk file in the root folder of your SD card, or internal memory (for users without SD cards).
      * Copy the data folder "com.t2ksports.nba2k13android" to your SD card/android/obb, or internal memory/android/obb, (for users without SD cards).
      * Install the apk file then run the game......ENJOY!

      "something to bear in mind for Fusion Ice owners, when playing NBA2k13"

      * never use live wallpapers.
      * kill all task using ES task killer or any other task killer app.
      * kill all recent apps running in the background.
      * deactivate your anti virus (optional)


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