• Saturday, December 3, 2011

      Archos 7 android tablet

      Everyone wants a little something for themselves this holiday season, as for me a tablet is the only thing I want, but unfortunately, I got a limited budget for it, and so, I put myself on a mission of finding a good tablet that won't go pass the 10,000 peso mark, obviously, that amount will definitely put an X mark to the Samsung Galaxy tab and the likes.

      With checklist of malls at hand, my hunt for a 10,000 peso tablet begins, but to my surprise, I didn't even have to go far to search for what I'm looking for, I found it in a mall not more than 10kms away from my house, there it lies in a newly opened store at Robinsons Metro East, the Archos 7 android tablet. I've red a lot of articles about the Archos 7 over the net, most of them showed tremendous amount of positive feedback, and since 2004, I got this habit of reading T3 magazines; during those issues, portable media players made by Archos are a common sight, giving me a reason to believe that Archos is undoubtedly a well established brand. For just 7,490 pesos it is well within my reach. At last! I got something to get exited about this holiday season.
      I'll be posting the specs as soon as I got the device.

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