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      Tuesday, August 28, 2012

      Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone4s

      The Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s latest line-up in the smartphone biz and dubbed as an iPhone killer, but is it worth the name iPhone killer? Let’s find out. The Galaxy S3’s hardware specs are way beyond the iPhone 4s, in a layman’s point of view it will automatically make the S3 as the winner, but technology doesn’t work that way. The Operating System (OS) has everything to do with the device overall function, that is where the iOS shines , but having a strong hardware is a factor too, for years the iOs and android are going toe to toe in getting the title the “BEST” OS. When Apple release their iOS 4 it solidifies the iPhone's stand as the “BEST” among the rest, but android won’t back down without an answer upon the release of the gingerbread a sudden change of tides happen and according to some analyst the gingerbread is better than the iOS4 in some ways, while gingerbread is doing well in the smartphone world, Apple unleashed their iOS 5, and it has left the gingerbread out in the dust, but android being resilient as ever has again found an answer in the form of the Ice Cream Sandwich, to date ICS is the best android outing yet, but up until now the clash between the iOS and Android still remains undecided who the best OS is. Below are comparisons between the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4s, and as readers you will decide who’s better among the two.
      STORAGE & MEMORY: The base 16GB models will probably do the most business, but the S3 can scale up to 128GB. The maximum internal storage is 64GB, but the microSDXC slot means that the storage complement in Samsung's flagship handset can be augmented by a further 64GB. The Galaxy S3 also comes with 50GB worth of Dropbox storage, free for two years! The iPhone 4S, by comparison, also tops out at 64GB of internal storage, but thanks to Apple's need to keep its devices locked down, you won't be able to increase that. You do also get Apple's iCloud service thrown in, which allows you to keep your iPhone backed up to the cloud, making it easy to recover your data if you ever lose the phone. As far as system memory goes, the iPhone 4S has 512MB while the Galaxy S3 doubles-down to 1GB.
      DISPLAY: The S3's larger 4.8in screen sports an impressive resolution of 1,280 x 720. While the iPhone's screen is smaller, it also results in a more manageable handset. Also, despite the iPhone's lower screen resolution - 960 x 640 - it's 3.5in size results in a higher pixel density of 330ppi, compared to 306ppi on the Galaxy S3. Both displays are protected by Corning's Gorilla glass but use different technology. The iPhone 4S uses an IPS LCD while the S3 incorporates a PenTile HD Super AMOLED.
      PROCESSOR: On paper, the iPhone 4S is no match for the raw processing power of the Galaxy S3. Both phones' chips are based on ARM's Cortex A9 but Samsung's Exynos 4412 has twice the number of cores, which run nearly twice as fast - four 1.4GHz cores vs. two 800MHz cores in the A5. When it comes to the GPU, the S3 uses the Mali-400/MP4, which thoroughly outclasses the PowerVR SGX543MP2 in the A5. Anandtech provided some preliminary results that show how wide the graphics gap is on some benchmarks. SIZE: The iPhone 4S is significantly smaller but heavier than the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 has a volume of 83 cubic centimetres (136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm) while the more diminutive iPhone 4S is shorter and narrower, though slightly thicker at 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm (almost 63 cubic centimetres). Despite the more compact outer dimensions, the iPhone 4S weighs 140g compared to 133g for the larger Galaxy S3. Far from a drawback, many users have found the iPhone 4S' denser mass to be reassuring, giving the phone a more robust feel. In contrast, some rival handsets boasting of lighter weight risk feeling flimsy by comparison - there seems to be an unspoken relationship between physical size and expected weight in relation to perceived quality.
      CAMERA: Both can record full HD footage, both have eight megapixel sensors and both have front facing cameras (VGA for the iPhone 4S and two megapixel for the S3). In theory, both handsets have similar photographic capabilities, but we'll be testing them side-by-side soon to evaluate which makes the better pocket camera. SOFTWARE: The S3 runs Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich while the iPhone 4S runs iOS 5.1.1, two distinct and different mobile platforms altogether. While Ice Cream Sandwich is the best Android outing yet, the Galaxy S3 runs a customised version of the OS, just like every Android phone without a Nexus moniker. The problem with customised versions of Android is that updates can take an age to appear - the Galaxy S2 has only recently seen an upgrade to ICS.

      BATTERY: The iPhone 4S sports a 1432mAh battery with an estimated talk time of 480 minutes on 3G. The S3 has a far larger battery capacity at 2100mAh, which translates to a slightly higher talk time of 620 minutes. Samsung needed to equip the S3 with as large a battery as possible, with the large screen and quad-core processor likely to put a real strain on battery life.

      CONNECTIVITY: Both phones have Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI out (both via adaptors), GPS and Wi-Fi. However, the S3 comes with NFC, GLONASS, Wi-Fi Direct, HDMI out and a microUSB port. An easy win for the S3, assuming, of course, that you actually need or want the extra features.
      Specs comparison made possible BY: ITProPortal

      Monday, September 19, 2011

      Gadgets on the go.

      Every time I travel, I always carry with me, my gadgets, whether be it, work, leisure or out of town, and it’s always a question what gadget is to bring. I always have two kinds of every gadget I own, like two handhelds, PSP, NDS lite, two phones, a smartphone and an ordinary phone, two internet tablets like Nokia N800, and a 7inch android tablet, two mp3 players, Creative Zen and an ipod touch. Each of them have their own purpose; let’s say if I’m traveling out of town like a resort or a beach, its best not to pack too much weight in my bag. So instead of bringing a laptop, I’ll bring a tablet, and my Nokia N800 is best suited for the job, with its’ pocket friendly size, and long battery life, giving me less hassle by recharghing it less often, and in an instance, where wi-fi is unavailable my android tablet is an alternative, it can connect online using my Globe Tattoo broadband stick, don’t want to miss those live updates on my FB, twitter and blogger. Other gadgets will be my sleek and lite Samsung CorbyII, a digicam for those precious moments, and a PSP to keep my little boy occupied trough out our stay.

      There are times that I travel from Manila to Laguna to do some business errands, and sometimes it is more practical and convenient to ride a bus than to bring a car, and one way of enjoying a long bus ride is with an ipod touch; listen to my favorite music, watch movies and play games on the go, and since my travel is business related my windows mobile smartphone is a good partner, afterall; my transactions and inventories are all recorded in there.

      I’m also a motorcycle enthusiast and a member of a local biker group called T.O.C.S Riders Club, there are times that we organize long bike rides, like riding from Antipolo to Laguna, Batangas and Quezon Province. In these types of activities, size matters; carrying bulky gadgets in your pockets may restrict your body from moving freely to tight curves and may result to accidents, so it’s best to pack as light and as comfortable as possible. Riding a motorcycle is best appreciated when listening to music, my credit card size Creative Zen mp3 player will fit comfortably in my left pocket, and in case of emergencies communication is a must, my right pocket is home to my light weight Samsung Corby II. My choices may vary from time to time, and there are instances that I carry more than three gadgets at a time, depending on my willingness to pack an extra load.

      Thursday, August 11, 2011

      It's raining tablets

      Tablet is the latest trend in technology today, probably because when it comes to mobile computing and internet on the go it surpass some features of a netbook and nothing beats its' compact size and mobility it is smaller than the smallest netbook in the market today, that's why more people prefer tablets than netbooks, specially those who are always on the go. Tablets are here since the mid 90's alongside with its' brethren the first generations of PDA that uses black and white screens but it suffered poor sales that's why it was never known to hit the market until tech giant Apple unleashed the iPad, that forever change the fate of this device, when iPad was first released it was as hot as summer, it was everyone's top 1 wishlist in their christmas shopping, other manufacturers notice the potential of the device and started making their own; thus begun the tablet war, Nokia had their N-series internet tablet, Samsung have their Galaxy, Archos, LG, Motorola's xoom and we're still waiting for Sony's mighty roar in the tablet war. I like what Nokia did to their N800 internet tablet, it is one of the few tablets that can fit in your pocket, truly Nokia live up to its' claim "full internet in your pocket" though it uses a very limited Linux based OS, for me android is still the best OS for tablets and in my opinion it was google's android that gave life to this device.

      Almost everyone are spending money for their gadgets it doesn't matter if it will aid you in your everyday life or not for as long as it keeps you entertained it's a thing worth buying, after all it's your choice and your money.

      Monday, August 8, 2011

      Globe Tattoo what a waste!

      I was on my 7o'clock routine, laying on my couch and watching the news when i saw the globe tattoo ad. Globe claims it's the fastest broadband prepaid stick in the market, I've seen that ads hundred times but the thing that triggered me to buy it is the discounted price of 995 pesos, so immediately after seeing the ad I went to SM Masinag and bought one. After installing it on my laptop I got disappointed almost immediately; that fuck turned my laptop into a cellphone, I found myself carrying my laptop, finding a good position just to get a signal. (ala cellphone style).

      We got an internet connection at home and a wifi, the problem is I still have to switch turn with my brothers just to get my time on the net, wifi signal can't reach my room so i have to go to the living room to connect via wifi, so probably the primary reason why I bought this broadband stick is to surf the net in the comfort of my room but it turned out it's just a waste of money but i don't give up easily, I find ways, and so i did! I put a long USB chord on my laptop and at the other end the broadband stick, i hung it near my window and believe me, it made my desk look stupid, but it works, so for now I'm going to keep this, for how long? I don't know.....and O ya! all the things that Globe claims they're all a bunch of lies....Fast my ass!!! but wait there's more if you loose a signal you'll be cut off and be charge for another 5 pesos if you try to reconnect or another option, is to wait for the signal to comeback while the clock is ticking and load vanishing. shame....shame

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