• Wednesday, July 3, 2013

      Zongshen Z-one Motorcycle review ( X-plorer Z-150 )

      This is the first time I’m going to review a motorcycle, it is one of my latest purchases so I might as well make a review out of it, some of you may find it a bit out of place in this blog, but as far as I can see, this bike is also a piece of technology with gadgetry of its own which makes it not that all different from my other reviews. The Zongshen Z-one is technology and practicality merge into one.

      Zongshen have progressed thru the years as China’s leading motorcycle manufacturer, merging with European brands such as Piaggio and Aprillia mana, thus acquiring European technology and concept designing. The Z-one in particular is a joint venture product of Piaggio and Zongshen, similar to what Bajaj and Kawasaki did to the Rouser. Sharing of technology and know-how is essential to the success of two merging companies; the Z-one is a product of two distinct motorcycle technology merge into one, a combination of European and Chinese know-how.

      The Z-one is distributed worldwide; in South America i.e. Peru and Brazil it bears the name Zongshen Z-one, while in Europe it resembles the Piaggio-Zongshen Robinson with slight design alteration, most evidently, on the tail light and head light section, meanwhile, in the Philippines, Motorstar is the sole distributor of the Z-one, and they re-introduce it here as the Xplorer Z-150 but still carry the brand Zongshen, in my opinion it’s better off as the Z-one...... also distributed by AKT as RTX-150 in Colombia.

      Z-one Latin American version Peru and Brazil import.

      European version Piaggio-Zongshen Robinson. (also manufactured by Zongshen in China)

      Z-one Philippine version distributed by Motorstar as Xplorer Z-150

      It was love at first sight when I saw the Z-one on display at Eastworld Motors, a naked street bike oozing in machismo, the Z-one is uniquely designed and will guarantee to turn heads as you pass on a crowd, whether on a traffic light or a parking lot it will surely attract attention.

      The Z-one’s size to weight ratio is well balanced and the ergonomics stresses greatly on the rider’s comfort perfect for everyday commuting, a feature which is obviously European in nature, probably designed by Piaggio, who had participated a lot in the Z-one’s overall design. The weight is evenly distributed making the Z-one easy to maneuver in heavy traffic, the curvy seat is comfortable to sit on, the leather and the amount of cushions used is just right to keep the rider comfortable for long distance riding and the recessed indentation on both sides of the tank keeps the rider’s knees and legs in a safe and relaxed position.

      Acceleration: On paper, the Z-one is powered by a diagonal type 150cc engine with 5 speed gear box, in which I find it responsive enough to cater my need for speed, whether on city driving or hi-ways you won’t find it lacking in power, the Z-one’s engine is also equipped with Engine Balance technology, which aims to minimize engine vibrations during high-revs and high speed driving, keeping the rider safe, and comfortable even on the fast lane and ensuring no after ride vibrations will be felt on your palms and feet.

      The Z-one is well planted on concrete roads, thanks to its vacuum type tires, skidding and slipping is greatly reduced, the tire thickness is just right to give the bike a stable performance ( front = 90x90, rear = 110x80 ), the tire measurements also match the Z-one’s size, which overall gave it a muscular appeal.

      Safety is always been an issue for two wheel rides, the Z-one however, will provide you with such features. The front disk brake is equipped with dual piston caliper, and the responsive rear drum break will ensure a steady sudden stop when needed, proper illumination is also important especially at night, the Z-one uses an all LED light for night illumination which is 30% brighter than ordinary light bulbs and it gives off better visibility in daylight. The headlight is impressive as well, it illuminates a wide area of the road in front of you, making night visibility at its best, the headlight also features a 3D lighting effect which eliminates glares, keeping you safe especially on two way roads.

      The fully adjustable rear suspensions absorbs bumps well and the large front telescopic fork ensures stability and comfortability on rugged terrains, the Z-one’s 170mm minimum ground clearance suggests that it can handle both on-road and off-road conditions.

      The 21st century is all about the digital age, Zongshen and Piaggio took note of that and have decided to give the Z-one a digital console display and is lit up by a blue backlight, which personally I find it neat, though I noticed some minor issues, like the LCD display is a bit small and has poor viewing angles, and it's somewhat a pain to get readings, there will be times wherein you’ll have to position your head just to get a clear feedback, the speedometer reading and gear positioning, is not much of a problem but the fuel gauge and the trip counter is a pain to look at, which is kind off disappointing especially when driving, the analog tachometer however is perfectly lit and it's a marvel to look at....... All in all the Z-one is definitely worth riding.

      Z-one APES modification by Piaggio


      nice bike.. i'm planning to buy one next month...hopefully :D

      Ride hard! but ride safe.....

      That goes without saying bro, but thanks. haha.

      Don't misled some readers, piaggio and zongshen has technical tie-ups maybe similar in design but very different bike especially the engine,it might be made in china but the engine especially the cylinder head are much different..so don't expect your Zongshen explorer 150 to have same performance or durability as the Piaggio Robinson 150. even if you look closer at the picture of the engine it is very different from each other visually.

      Thanks for visiting - point taken and I'm not misleading anyone, the fact that Zongshen and Piaggio has technical tie ups as you said yourself is enough guarantee that Zongshen's ability to create engines has improved dramatically, Yes! the Z one and the Robinson has different engines and so are other Z ones that are distributed to different countries, but the Robinson's engine gets the most of it because of the European's higher standards, but most engines are jointly engineered by Piaggio and Zongshen, after all it's part of their contract that Piaggio share a part of their engineering concept to Zongshen and Piaggio is well aware of the Z one's existence and where it is distributed, I would love to have a Robinson the problem is, it's not available here in our country.

      The Z one is available in 135cc and 150cc model in a wide array of engine types.

      Super value model
      CG133-B or CG150-B engine

      Standard model
      CB133 or CB150-B engine

      Comfortable model (with engine balance)
      CBB133 or CBB150 engine

      Luxury model
      PB150 engine ( used on Robinson 150 )

      All engine are manufactured by Zongshen in China in part with Piaggio.

      Also distributed by AKT as RTX 150 in Columbia.

      I'm not saying that the Z one and the Robinson are the same bike, Yes! they've got different engines and so are the other Z one models, each Z one model has different engine type depending on what country they are going to be released, price may vary depending on what type of engines are installed, "what I'm trying to point out is that the Z one is a result of Piaggio's venture with Zongshen".

      Heres a good question for you... what type of engine did zongshen used for the philippine version z-one? based on tito kuba's list... I would assume that the phil version would have a cbb150 (thats the only thing i see with engine balancer.)

      I would assume that too, motorstar didn't give a clear description on the Z one's engine -- on their website they only post this "one cylinder / diagonal type / air cooled / overhead cam" but I'm pretty sure they didn't lie about the engine balance thing, because I felt it immediately, when I first rode the bike, and one more thing our local version is the sports type Z one, surprisingly in China it uses a gas type rear suspensions whilst here it only has a standard spring type ones.

      I see. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the information. I made a little research for this motorcycle, and found THIS reason to believe that HERE in the phil, zongshen provided a CBB150 type of engine for the z-one

      (1.) considering the pictures of the engines. motorstar got a circular type engine. Matching the image rendered on the zongshen website for the CBB150 type engine.

      if this is true, then we can conclude that this engine has:
      1. 144.6ml displacement
      2. 61x49.5 bore x stroke
      3. 8:6:1 compresion ratio
      4. 8.6/8500 max power
      5. 10/7500 max torque

      with this performance parameters in mind,what motorcycle unit can we compare the z-one? I think having this information in advance will help a prospect buyer know what their buying, compared to the ("one cylinder / diagonal type / air cooled / overhead cam") engine description.

      That aside, its good to hear from someone that actually rode and owns the bike, rather than skimming through forums with bunch of people asking for pictures of the bike.

      I am actually considering this as my future bike. I hope you give us readers actual feedback on this bike.

      Thanks for the engine info I'm sure readers and prospect buyers alike will find it useful - I'm going to post a long term report on this bike as soon as I'm done with my 1000 km break-in period.

      True! the xplorer Z150 is a sports type Z one, motorstar deliberately replaced the gas type rear suspensions to a standard adjustable spring type, probably to cut down on price making it even more affordable to the masses, but the question is, was the move worth it?

      For me I rather spend 5k more for a gas type suspension than to pay 5k less for a standard one.

      good point! for me gas type or not the Z one's suspensions are freakin awesome! lol.

      Cool, it's been three months and I haven't bought the bike yet due to clarifications i need about the engine, detailed information about Z-One is really poor over the net and if there is i can't understand the language (i would admit i might have looked in the wrong sites) till i saw this blog and the responses it took. I really appreciate the engine details and YES it's decided..i'll get my own Z-one. (i'm thinking about getting the black one but the white and orange color's a looker for me hehehe) and now my next savings are for the upgrades.

      I think the white and orange looks great it's actually my first choice, the problem is, it's not available at the time I bought my Z one, the sales rep. advice me to wait a week or two until they have a stock, the thing is I can't wait that long so I took the White and blue color, which turned out great.

      This comment has been removed by the author.

      Which engine is used in BYQ 125-8 of Robinson model

      The Robinson is not available here in our country so I don't have the slightest idea about it especially the 125 model, and engine description on the net is pretty vague but I think the BYQ125-8 is also the engine model but don't take my word for it because I'm not sure, I hope the description below can be of help, thanks for visiting.

      Engine type 1 cylinder, air cool, 4 stroke ,

      Cylinder capacity(ml) 126

      Displacement 125cc

      Bore x Stroke 57x49.5

      Compression ratio 10.2:1

      Maximum Power(kw/rpm) 7.2(1±5%) / 8500(1±5%)

      Maximum torque(nw/rpm) 8.6(1±5%) / 7000(1±5%)

      Hi there everyone. Got my Z1 last Aug. My next plan is to apply some mods. Grateful if you could share some. Thanks & regards.

      APES mod. refer to the picture below my post.

      thinking of getting the motorstar z150 too. has seen it in the flesh and its big but beautiful for a bike of its kind. i can clearly see the word "zongshen" in the engine as as far as I have known through research it is one of the more reliable brands from China.

      was actually interested on the Xplorer X200r a sports bike with 200cc engine. but was told that its not zongshen behind the bike anymore but XGsomething company which explains the "x" on the X200r as it was named before as z200 and z250 coming in with a zongshen engine...seeing that the Xplorer z150 is zongshen is only a body kit away, definitely a good buy

      may i know the top speed? does it vibrate much? and the gas consumption...I'm planning to purchase one also for work-home purposes only..... But I'm torn between 3 lovers!...Suzuki Raider 150, Sym RKS150 and this Z-one... hmmmm

      Any updates on the riding experience of this motorcycle?

      May plano po akong kumuha. Okay po ba yung performance nya? magkano po yung top speed and fuel consumption?

      Performance wise it's one of the best low priced 150CC bike in the market just make sure it's properly maintained and it goes to all the bikes out there regardless of the brand, as far as top speed goes I've seen videos on YouTube that it can go 133 kph, sadly gas consumption is on the high side, the engine balancing thing has a lot to do with it, well at least you get to ride it in comfort and as a user and owner you can take my word on that.

      ilang km po ba ang 1liter nya?

      ilang km po ba ang 1liter nya?

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      thank you for this great information, I love the looks and design of this bike it really stun me when I first saw this bike.

      i own this bike z1 very practical choice for me...

      i own this Bike, Z1 ive reached 148kph with this all stock. The engine balance technology reduces vibration for a comfortable ride.. The Fuel consumption is just right for its engine displacement, range, ang comfort.

      without modifications in an open plane road it reaches 118 max. uphill can go up to 100 max.

      downhill can reach up to 125 max. But if you modify its clutch gear it can go as far as 133kph as what seen in youtube. The engine is designed as low speed thats why engine balancer is been set.

      i have this bike for 3years with no problem. already rocking at a mileage of 34,563 km for 3 years with no problem at all even the digital odomoter no prob. this baby is sure winner in uphill climb.

      i have this bike for 3years with no problem. already rocking at a mileage of 34,563 km for 3 years with no problem at all even the digital odomoter no prob. this baby is sure winner in uphill climb.

      Bought one December 23 2015. Happy so far while running it in.

      Does anybody know where I can have a top box fitted to this bike in Manila?

      Really good article. nice car but it looks like it's not there my country, carmakers also very strange, but it's nice I enjoyed such model, hopefully someday it will be sold in my country,

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      My post of January 3, 2016 said I was "happy so far". BUT, I purchased the Xplorer 150 from a dealer in Manila, and after taking the bike back after strange noises came from the front disk brake, they discovered that there was only one bolt holding the disk on, instead of 4 !!!!! They wanted to charge me for 3 bolts, but after I jumped up and down, they relented. The first service...no valve clearance performed, no check of chain tension or lube, no tyre pressure check...absolutely disappointed with that dealer.

      As long as it is maintained well. You will not really regret..My little problem is that the gas gauge is not functioning. It still having the color orange even it is full or half tank. How can i fix this one?

      United Computers, sounds like that's more a dealer issue than the bike itself. My advice is to find a personal mechanic, can ask around performance shops, they usually keep people around that actually care about the bike more than the paycheck, even if it's boring and basic maintenance they're of much more honest character than a 2-buck chuck at the dealer.

      kumusta reliability ng z150, ilang years mo na gamit yan, share naman konti, i love that bike too salamat.:)

      I'm puzzled with lots of exercises. I was afraid I could not do the right time despite my hard work. I need a support person.

      I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.

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