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      Monday, June 3, 2013

      Band in America (Chinese Smartphones)

      Apparently, the US government has band Chinese brand phones in the country (Huawei in particular) for allegedly spying on US soil, believe it or not, the government speculates on possible hacking software embedded in most Chinese made phones which eventually gives the Chinese the ability to spy on every Americans who uses it, like monitoring credit card transactions or eavesdropping on possible government projects or even top secret information that can be access through cellular communications. In stories like these, I can't help but think, was it over exaggeration or simply paranoia, if these things continue it might lead to another cold war.

      As a result of this band, no Chinese phones are supported by US couriers and dealers aren't bold enough to sell it, let alone put it on their shelves, you might call it patriotism. However, Americans can still own one by ordering through the internet, once again the power of the internet is greatly highlighted, not even the most powerful government on earth can't stop its current from flowing as it pleases, though the US government still issues warnings from using such phones, think of it as a government warning on every cigarette pack you buy, and they even suggest to flash out the native android OS and replace it with stock android, that way all hidden spy software (if there really are!) will be deleted and be replaced by an American friendly OS, but in reality, was it the Japanese who had their dealings with, well, that's what history tells us, come to think of it, Sony just kicked out Ericsson, will Sony be band next.....lol

      Tuesday, November 1, 2011

      Is there still life left in Symbian?

      Nokia has unleashed another smartphone called the X7, though, Microsoft and Nokia maybe partners these days, Nokia has decided that the X7 sticks to its roots, but is there still life left in Symbian, now that the smartphone market is dominated by the iphone’s iOS, and google’s Android. The X7 runs the new version of Symbian called Anna, it undergo some tweaks to the interface, like faster web browsing with flash, and other stuff that Nokia says can rival that of the iphone, and Android. A few years back Nokia released their highly anticipated N8 that runs Symbian ^3^, but has failed to meet the expectations of the smartphone market, making the N8 a loosing model for Nokia, now Nokia has plans of releasing a new version of the N8 running Windows OS, did Nokia learn their lesson? Probably, not, the N8’s failure to meet the demands of the smartphone market, maybe due to Symbian, being a loosing OS for smartphones. With Nokia’s decision to run, the X7 with Symbian; is all, too risky.

      Sony Ericsson was once a supporter of Symbian, they use Symbian excessively to power their P-series smartphones that had once dominated the smartphone market, but with the arrival of the iOS, and Android, Sony Ericsson slowly looses its grasp from the smartphone market, with sales at stake and with the company gradually losing by the numbers, S.E. has decided to put an end to their P-series smartphones and other U.I.Q devices, giving way to their new breed of smartphones, called the Xperia, the first Xperia runs on Windows OS, but S.E. wasn’t satisfied with its feedback, and decided that the next line of Xperia be run, using Android, a decision, that puts back S.E. in the smartphone arena, and a tough competitor, they’ve become.

      Symbian is something that we grew familiar with, it is where the smartphone era started; making Symbian and Nokia as the grand daddy of all smartphones, but as the years go by, a newer more powerful OS are popping out like weeds, killing all the weaker ones aside. The market is an ever changing entity, driven by human’s insatiable appetite for something new, Nokia has done everything they can, for Symbian to cope up with the latest trend, but the market seemed to be more elusive to every effort they’ve done, I hate to see Symbian go obsolete, with the release of the X7, and firmware Anna, it may be Symbian’s last hope.

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