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      Cherry Mobile Fusion ice ICS tablet review

      Cherry Mobile has launched, yet another low-end ICS tablet that's light on the budget but heavy on features, it sells at around 3,690php, now that's low-end at its lowest, a price tag that directly compete with the generic no name tablets that you can buy at your local tiangge.

      The Fusion ice as CM named it is actually known as the Altina A600 in China, in fact the Opera app store still recognizes it from its former brand, a product originally manufactured by Ainol, which was then re-branded by Cherry Mobile then was reintroduce thereafter as the fusion ice........ I bought this tablet for my 4yr old son basically to aid him learn the alphabets, numbers, colors etc. until recently I found out that it was me who was reaching for it more. The Fusion ice is anything but flawless, something that you'd expect on a cheap device, the browser is a bit slow and it's not what you'd call a smooth web browsing experience, lags are visible too, but at such a low price it is almost forgivable.

      CM Fusion ice, Arnova 7 G2 comparison

      The CM Fusion ice and Arnova 7 G2 both clocks at 1Ghz, Fusion ice using A13 processor and the Arnova 7 G2 with Cortex A8 both having the same amount of RAM (512MB). Based on user experience and live side by side comparison, the Arnova 7 G2 out-perform the Fusion ice in almost all aspect, except gaming, the features highlighted the most was browsing speed, stability and responsiveness, the Arnova 7 G2 clearly was on top of the Fusion ice, but surprisingly, benchmark results using Quadrant Standard tell a rather different story; results shows that the Fusion ice have better overall performance than the Arnova 7 G2, scoring a total of 2,128 while the Arnova 7 G2 only got 1,021 barely half of what the Fusion ice had scored.

      Fusion ice benchmark result

      Surprisingly, with an emphatic lead over well known brands like HTC Desire HD and Samsung Nexus S, scoring a total of 2128.

      Arnova 7 G2 benchmark result

      Lags far behind the bottom position with a total score of only 1021.

      LCD on the Fusion ice is sharp and is capable of playing HD videos up to 2160p, unfortunately it suffers from poor viewing angles, "a catch from the price" it's kind of cliche` to see a 7 inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio it became the norm for most tablets, however, the Fusion ice is unique, it is the only 7 inch tablet with 4:3 aspect ratio that I've seen so far. The square screen provides better room for your fingers to move around and give better visuals on your documents and presentations, it also did great in displaying web pages; in a tablet's perspective. Music on the other hand is great on the Fusion ice I was completely blown away by the audio quality that this cheap device could give whether on speakers or headset. The mono speaker at the back of the tablet is loud, loud enough to fill up a mid-sized room and is great in watching online videos and playing games without the hassle of a headset wire.

      The battery life is a tablet user's must-know feature and has great effect on the device overall ratings, fortunately the Fusion ice dealt with it with flying colors, the 3700mAh battery lasted for more than 4 hrs of non-stop use and gave me at least 2 days of standby time, though charging time is frustratingly long, still, fare enough for such a cheap device.

      Internet browsing may be full of disappointments on the Fusion ice but Skype on the other hand will greatly exceed your expectations for a device as cheap as this, I did a lot of Skype calls with this tablet and so far it handles it well, conversations between two parties are well understood, all features of Skype are in working order including video calls, I actually prefer using the Fusion ice for Skype calls rather than my W500 Titan mainly because of its bigger screen.

      CM Fusion ice as a gaming console

      The Fusion ice is quite a gaming machine, the combination of a 1Ghz A13 processor with mali 400 GPU and a 5 point touch panel did well in handling games of sort, but still not strong enough to handle games like Dead Trigger and the likes, but to everything else you'll find it amusing here on the Fusion ice.

      Arcane Legends online RPG, I first had this on my Titan but later on I find the 5 inch screen a bit small for mmorpg games, so I decided to play it on the Fusion ice without any disappointments, honestly it did better on the Titan but the bigger screen put the Fusion ice on edge, you get to read the text and messages a lot clearer and see the mmorpg world in a bigger picture, more details on a sharp 7 inch screen.

      Predators, not much of a game too much expectations from fans put this game down but still a nice game to play with, it runs smooth on the Fusion ice and the 7 inch screen with 4:3 aspect ratio added more spice to the game.

      Call of Mini zombies, a zombie shooter game wherein you get to mingle with cute characters, even the zombies here are cute but not as cute as the zombie dogs, you'll have to fight your way a day at a time to finish a level, it is a fast pace full 3D shooter that feels almost at home on the Fusion ice.

      Bottom line: The Cherry Mobile Fusion ice may have its shortcomings, but given a chance, it still has a lot of good features to offer. For those who just wanted an ICS tablet experience and doesn't want to burn holes in their pockets, this tab is for you.

      PROS: very affordable, comes pre-loaded with useful apps i.e, viber, Kingsoft office, ES task manager, instagram, excellent multi media device, capable in gaming, works well with Skype, excellent slim design, decent battery life.

      CONS: slow browsing speed, visible lags, screen is warped. long charging time.


      PROCESSOR: 1Ghz A13 with mali 400 GPU.

      OS: Android 4.0 ICS.

      DISPLAY: 7 capacitive screen, 5 point touch panel, 4:3 aspect ratio, 800x600 resolution, 16 million colors.

      CAMERA: Front facing VGA 0.3 mega pixels.

      MEMORY: 8GB(ROM), 512MB(DDR3), expandable via micro SD 32gig max.

      USB: High speed USB 2.0, mini USB.

      WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n.

      BATTERY: 3700mAh.


      nice review... very helpful.

      Regarding browsing speed, are you using the stock browser or you have tried Opera mini?

      Both; the stock browser seem to have a problem in my opinion, it doesn't load the web pages automatically and loading takes considerable amount of time, opera mini is good but displays the mobile version of the web, though you can always view the desktop version via settings, but then again an increase in load time. I use Dolphin browser in all my android device. Weak wifi signal tend to affect the browsing speed of the fusion ice.

      my 4 year old son do own one of this and he loved it.

      hi..pwede po gmitan to ng broadband stick using usb otg?

      Excellent bargain! Cherry Mobile has been doing a great job! I bought Burst recently and am completely satisfied with it. So far so good for this phone! Cheers for the review!! =)

      Sorry for the late reply, yes you can use 3G broadband stick with it.

      The fusion bolt's release made the fusion ice outdated almost instantly, for those hunting for a tablet under 4k, I suggest you get the cherry mobile fusion bolt.

      Hi i bought CM Fusion Ice its very great tablet. I make lot of improvements to be more faster and smooth. Here my config.

      - Custom ROM Jelly Bean ( 4.1.1) NightFire by me
      - Stock Kernel Jelly bean with support init.d folder
      - CPU overclock at 1.248Ghz
      - Blazing Thunder Tweak

      Very fast and smooth in game like nfs most wanted...
      Battery life 1day and half thx to jelly bean and setting in governor and i/o even if i oc the cpu
      I charge with my DC of my CM Fusion Bolt more faster than the usb charger

      Very nice review! http://adf.ly/QzDuR

      hi pano po gamitin ang globe brobband tattoo stick sa cherry mobile fusion ice? salamt po

      hi, good day.. how did you customized your cherry mobile fusion ice from ICS to Jellybean? and other feature like - Custom ROM Jelly Bean ( 4.1.1) NightFire by me
      - Stock Kernel Jelly bean with support init.d folder
      - CPU overclock at 1.248Ghz
      - Blazing Thunder Tweak
      can you pls help me? coz i have also fusion ice tablet.
      thank you

      plug in your 3g stick then go to settings - wireless and network - mobile network - it will be detected automatically by your system, if not try updating your system.

      as to jellybean by nightfire, I don't recommend using custom ROM procedures are to complex, if not done properly it may cause your system to brick, rendering it useless. Try going to this link = http://www.pinoyden.com.ph/index.php?topic=275498.0

      Arnil Duavis has successfully installed the custom firmware, let's see if he got something to say.

      Hi all I saw Lrence link my post from pinoyden aboot cwm recovery.
      I forget to tell that it will work on jb stock rom or custom rom cause on ics the kernel its not d same configuration of partitions.

      for jb custom rom nightfire its my jb stock rom that I tweak and custom so its not really custom rom that u find in net like jb fast for legend coz as Lrence told some custom rom jb found it may brick your fusion ice

      for overcloke I use no frill cpu and for tweak I found it on xda forum

      I want to say that jb is very fast but ram manager is not good as ics. Its true that some game like nfs most wanted run well but the others games like iron man 3 its not so smooth I tried it on jb and ics and for me ics is better for gamings than jb without tweak.

      Lrence and Arnil Duavis, thanks to both of of for your responses..

      Lrence how am i going to know if my broadband stick are already detected by my fusion ice? could you pls explain it to me,, thank you

      from settings go to wireless and network then network see if globe config. will come out along with 3g stick brand I think globe uses Huawei, but Im not sure, if it comes out click it to connect, if it doesn't work try to update your device see if there's an update for your fusion ice.

      Hi there ! I will give you instructions to update fusion ice to jelly bean 4.1.1

      Before to update to jelly bean I advise you to make backup of your original ics cherry mobile with CWM recovery cause you will lost for ever... and its hard to find original stock firmware ics cherry mobile....

      But I will give later step how to have cwm recovery for ics

      here the link to download the updatehttp://www.oketuf.com/novo7Legend4.1.1-1102.zip

      Here the instruction to follow carefullyhttp://www.futeko.com/navpage/support-old.php

      As I know fusion ice and ainol novo legend its the same so dnt worry if the firmware is for legend but work well on fusion ice I use it for model of my custom rom. And here the instruction for wifi fix for jelly bean read carefully http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/55210-ainol-novo7-legend-jellybean-wifi-fix/ Have a nice day will give later instruction for cwm recovery

      Here the link for cwm recovery http://www.pinoyden.com.ph/index.php?topic=275498.0

      and here the working recovery.img for ics fusion ice http://www.4shared.com/file/v81JS9wK/recovery.html so use this recovery and follow the instructions that I give in pinoyden.com

      and for root fusion ice on jb use unlockroot

      have a nice day

      Jelly bean is good rom smooth and good battery saving you can use pimp my rom (alpha) free download from google store to improve performance in games and in ram manager cause ics is better for game. Make also backup with cwm before using pimp my rom cause it may give you bootloop if if you dnt set well

      Thanks for the tips I'm sure some readers will find this useful, I would love to try it my self, but sadly, I already sold my Fusion Ice.

      sir how am i going to install Clockworkmode recovery to my fusion ice for me to back up my stock Rom, the steps in http://www.pinoyden.com.ph/index.php?topic=275498.0 are too vague.

      thank you in ,

      This comment has been removed by the author.

      - From Stock or other CWM Recovery:
      - copy the file zipped to your internal or external SD card.
      - reboot into recovery mod then choose "Install from sdcard"
      - root access is not required if CWM is installed this way.

      i tried this one but the installation is always aborted

      Hi for make simple I will give a very simple set to flash cwm recovery so read carefully.

      1 - Download this http://www.4shared.com/get/v81JS9wK/recovery.html

      2 - Download this https://www.dropbox.com/s/jg3dgbnzcdhgnzn/cwm6028-a13-11part-v2.zip

      3 - The zip that you dwonloaded cwm6028-a13-11part-v2.zip from step 2 extract the 3 files in your external sd card dnt put in any folder

      4- the zip that you downloaded recovery.img from step 1 extract it also in your external sd card it will ask you if you want to replace the file you click yes.

      5- download from google play store the app Terminal emulator

      6- i assumed that your device is rooted.

      7- open the terminal emulator

      8- type su then click in enter

      9 - supersu or superuser will ask you a permision you click yes

      10- type sh install-recovery.sh then click enter

      11 - after the process it will tell you if its failed or success to flash cwm recovery but I assumed that you follow well all step ^_^ now exit the app

      12- go to setting of your fusion ice and go to backup... and select reboot in recovery. If its boot in cwm recovery you will see cwm recovery in title

      13 - now you have cwm recovery but dnt mess in cwm recovery coz it may soft brick your device Now you can make a backup and install stock rom jb or any custom rom jb or ics for fusion ice

      have a nice day

      This comment has been removed by the author.

      yes,,success installing CWM recovery...the steps in emulator should be:

      type the ff in emulator: (without quotations)

      "su" hit enter
      "cd sdcard" hit enter
      "sh install-recovery.sh" hit enter.

      thank you so much Arnil Duavis and Lrence :)

      im in the process of flashing JB to my ICs i followed the steps in http://www.futeko.com/navpage/support-old.php

      but when im in the step of connecting my tablet in the computer while it is off and holding -volume; a msg pop up in notification bar states that usb is not recognized? this is my problem i was not able to go to the next step which is "Whilst still holding down the volume- button, start pressing the tablet power button repeatedly (approx 1 press per second for 10 seconds is enough).
      After a few seconds a window will pop up on your PC asking if you want to perform a forced firmware update. You can release volume- at this point. Select yes. You will be asked if you're sure. Select yes. If you've got this far the hard work is done!"

      pls help me thank you

      Hi this step is hard and just be patience just repeat this step and if its not recognize in your pc just connect your tab in other usb port. Dnt worry your tab is not brick if you failed in this step your tab is just in download mode

      i tried it in other PC, the livesuit flashed the tablet but in just around 5 percent? only and after that di na sya magtuloy then because of that my tab wont start up..is it already bricked? what should I do? thank you

      Hi dnt worry hindi hard brick your tab it often to me too. Just press 5 or 10s other botton like volume down and try it again even for me my little daughter press reset boton of my pc after 50% of flashing jb. Just try it again and again until you success.

      I try to press any button but it didn't work, i also try to re-flash it but after clicking yes button for mandatory format in livesuit the progress bar will reach 3 percent then going up to 15 percent only and then it will back to 0 "zero" again? i try it many times but it back to zero .....why? is there someting wrong with the livesuit? can you pls give me the link of your livesuit that u used?

      i tried different versions of livesuit but after clicking Yes button the progress bar will just stocked to 3 percent sometimes 15 percent and after that it will return to 0 value. pls help

      Hi just be patient it will work first all if you have always the same problem try to of your tab by pressing power cause is on download mode and after try again.

      and also try to change usb port and restart your pc

      im using livesuit 1.0.7 with win 7 32bits

      desactivate also any antivirus you have.

      And also when you receive a popup windows in your pc just put your tab in your desktop dnt old it cause is very sensitive and let finish it.

      I try it in other port pero ganu padin,i put it also sa stable lace para di sya maibo pero gnun padin,,ayaw ng mabuhay ng tab ko,, sira na ata :(

      Hindi sira imo tab coz is in download mode so u cant turn on try again that I say on my last post and to force to on your tab press 10s volume button and then try to press power button repeatedly and quickly until logo android appear I always did that when I failed to flash jelly bean and ics.

      Its true that its hard to flash rom via livesuit sayang hindi pwede upload ko ako backup jelly bean coz very slow ako net....

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