• Wednesday, June 4, 2014

      Alcatel One Touch Scribe easy review and specs

      The one touch scribe easy is Alcatel's answer to the phablet craze, with looks and features in mind you could tell that the scribe easy aims to tackle the almighty galaxy note, though the two are worlds apart in terms of performance the one touch scribe can easily gain interest due to its affordable price.

      Alcatel has up their game with their one touch scribe easy, an affordable phablet that does what its supposed to, boasting a hefty 5 inch display, this device has lots of rooms to work and play with, my only gripe though, is the underwhelming resolution and the limited viewing angles, if you tilt it up you can see colors slowly starting to fade, though for most part you can get fairly satisfying results, on top of that, watching HD movies with a seatmate is possible without getting inappropriately close to each other.

      At this point in time we're probably immune to gadgets with talent to absorb fingerprints and smudges, weep not! as Alcatel did not put those cries in vain, the One Touch Scribe easy's touch screen is treated with oleophobic coating which makes it resistant to prints and grimes, meaning; you won't have to spend half of your day cleaning your phone, all it needs is just one swipe and your all done, now that's probably one hell of a feature to all the OCs out there.

      Around the back you'll get a matte velvet finish which feels good to the hands, it can easily get scratched though, so be mindful where you place your phone, meanwhile, the uni body design with covered ports and the stainless one touch logo at the back gives the Scribe easy a premium look, giving you an extra jolt of confidence to show it in public without that awkward feeling.

      Though powered by a dual core processor, the Qualcomm chipset fail to deliver a smooth UI experience, lags are visible while transitioning between homescreens the 512MB RAM didn't help much either, however launching and closing apps tell a different story, it's fast enough that it won't give users any reason to complain about. Yes lags are ever present, but it's as if it's not to be expected on a budget device, compared to other rivaling phablets of the same price, the Alcatel one touch scribe easy is far superior than the likes of Huawei and ZTE.

      The Alcatel One Touch scribe easy is a web browsing haven, probably there's a lot to thank about with its responsive 5 inch display, though not blazingly fast in opening a web page, mediocre for most standards is fast enough. Having experienced Facebook on its large screen makes me want to blame myself why did I bother on a 4 incher for almost a year, then it made me realized that the saying is true "once you turn 5 you'll never go 4", the one touch srcibe's web browsing reliability and long battery life is truly a match made in heaven, it turns out that web browsing and updating SNS accounts for hours on ends is now possible on a budget device.

      One of the key selling points of the one touch scribe easy is its ability to scribe as the name suggests, the device comes with a capacitive stylus right out of the box, mind you its not a magic pen like the ones being used on a galaxy note, it does look cheap in appearance but the functionality it brings is undeniably helpful. The one touch scribe comes with alcatel's own proprietary app called scribe note and scribe calculator, wherein the stylus is the main tool, the app won't break any grounds though, as there's nothing spectacular on it, though you got to give credit for how well it works, its responsive enough making it useful to jot down quick notes, the scribe calculator on the other hand is innovative in its own way, you just write down the equation using the stylus and the app automatically gives you the answer, though in comparison, a standard calculator app is a lot faster to use and also a lot more efficient, in the end I just find the scribe calculator app as a bloatware or an extra bling to sell the product.

      The one touch scribe easy features a 5 mega pixel camera with led flash and can take HD video at 720p, but don't be fooled to what it says on paper, as the OT scribe easy's camera is anything but sharp and needs a steady hand to get good results, like most cameras it takes good pictures in well lighted areas but where light is scarce you're better off not taking pictures, the HD video capability sounds promising and a lot might consider adopting the OT scribe easy because of that feature, Alcatel didn't lie about it though, as it takes real HD videos, however results are too shaky, and guess what? In areas with less light results are not too promising.

      Not much has change from the stock android 4.1.1 except for some few tweaks on the notification bar and some pre loaded icons, you'll also notice the white theme instead of the black background that we get so used to, and like a tablet the screen rotates even while you're at the home screen.

      Now a days a large screen is considered a standard in smart phones, though each one has its own bragging rights the one touch scribe's affordability is a far better offer than what the other competition can bring to the table. As experience tells us affordability can sometimes lead to disappointments, though as years come and go a lot has change especially in the tech world. These days affordability can easily turn tables especially in stiff competitions.

      PROS: affordable phablet, good build quality, good overall performance, excellent battery life.

      CONS: slight lags, low resolution screen, poor camera.


      NETWORK: GSM/3G, single SIM (micro SIM)

      FORM FACTOR: bar type, uni-body

      OS: android jellybean 4.1.2

      DISPLAY: TFT LCD 480x800 resolution, 187 pixel density, scratch resistant, oleophobic coating

      MEMORY: 512RAM, 4GB internal memory, expandable via micro sd card 32GB max

      PROCESSOR: 1.2 Ghz dual-core MSM8225 snapdragon chipset, adreno 203 GPU

      CONECTIVITY: wifi b/g/n, bluetooth, micro USB

      CAMERA: 5mega pixels autofocus/touch focus with LED flash, HD video at 720p, front VGA

      BATTERY: 2500Mah

      OTHERS: wifi hotspot, accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor, GPS


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